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Certification with Peel Partner Package

Get certified in the next-generation of chemical peels, and receive everything you need to launch your Linder Health Peel business.

Limited Time
Receive our NEW 12 oz Back Bar CastAway Broad Spectrum SPF 30* ($104.50 value), free with purchase

Your Peel Partner Package will ship upon completion of certification

*Back Bar CastAway will ship the week of July 8, 2024

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What You'll Learn

Fit certification into your schedule with this self-guided course, which most complete in 90-120 minutes.

Beyond the Basics

Dive into senescence, how it impacts skin health, and why it matters to the fundamentals of chemical exfoliation

Advanced Skin Health

Address the root cause of aging and optimize skin cell health by selectively targeting senescent cells (zombie cells)

In-Depth Science

Learn how our peels kickstart healthy cellular metabolism, and optimize cell function to slow and reverse visible damage

Customizable Protocols

Tailor your treatments with multiple protocol options and enhancements including steam, massage and aromatherapy

What's Included In Your Kit

$13,500 Revenue

Kickstart Your Peel Business

Easily get your peel business off the ground with enough product for up to 90 peel treatments, and all 3 of our formulas so you can treat any skin type and concern.

Growth Tools

Build Your Business

Gain lifetime access to the Learning Center for Modern Aesthetics for skin health courses, customizable protocols, marketing materials and business resources.

Visible Results In As Little As 1 Treatment

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