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The LH Learning Center for Modern Aesthetics was born to empower aesthetics professionals of all levels with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the ever-evolving field of skin health.

Our goal is simple–to contribute to your success. The workshops, training, and resources we provide are designed to equip you with technical skills to improve patient results, and easy-to-implement strategies to boost your business.

Modern Curriculum

Stay up to date with advancements in skin health science, and learn how they can benefit your practice with a wide range of easily digestible courses.

Actionable Knowledge

Take away tangible steps you can implement immediately to grow your business and guide your patients to achieving their skin health goals.

At Your Fingertips

Fit education in when it works for you. Our online portal is available 24/7, on desktop or mobile, so you can learn on your own schedule, at your own pace.

All Access

When we say partner we mean it. Our formulators and experts are a DM, an email or a call away. Ask us anything! Aesthetics is our favorite topic.


Danae Markland, LE, CMLT

VP of Clinical Development & Partnerships

Danae is a licensed esthetician, and certified medical laser technician with 20 years of experience in advanced aesthetics treatments, skin health training, and research and development.

She oversees the education curriculum for the LH Learning Center, as well as all case studies for Linder Health research & development.

Master Modern Aesthetic Science

Available to Linder Health Partners. Learn how the latest advancements in skin health can benefit your practice.

Cellular Aging Fundamentals

Review the fundamentals of cellular biology, including the anatomy of a cell, cell cycles, and functions that decrease with age, to help us better understand how to prevent cellular aging.

Cellular Aging Rejuvenation

Learn how the overproduction of senescent cells, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more, impact the aging process, and which ingredients can be used to prevent & correct damage.

Longevity 101

Explore the science behind why we age, and dive into how we can keep our skin and body functioning correctly for longer to extend not only our lifespan, but also our healthspan.

Visible Aging

Understand the influence of genetics, epigenetics, and external factors on visible skin aging, and explore cutting-edge strategies for effective prevention techniques.

Caring For Freshly Exfoliated Skin

Dive into how to care for vulnerable, post-exfoliation skin, including post-treatment considerations, product recommendations for optimal healing, and handling patient concerns. 

Chemical Exfoliation 101

Learn how topical acids trigger desquamation and cell turnover, commonly used peeling agents and which are indicated for specific concerns, and essential post-care.

Unlock The Course Library

Become a partner for full access to the Linder Health Learning center for Modern Aesthetics. Fill out the form, or contact us at or 844.722.2336.

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