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Your exceptional skill in chemical peeling, advanced knowledge of our formulations, and thriving peel practice, are a testament to your unwavering commitment to skin health, patient satisfaction, and business growth.


Technical Skill with 500+ Treatments

Your extensive hands-on experience ensures you confidently deliver visible results, backed by a proven track record.

Extensive Formulation Knowledge

You know now how to select, layer, and customize our peels to address diverse skin concerns.

Advanced Treatment Combinations

You skillfully integrate our peels with complementary modalities to improve treatment results.

Expertise in Senescence

You possess a deep understanding of cellular senescence, and how Linder Health formulations selectively target zombie cells.

Proven Patient Outcomes

Your work speaks for itself with happy, glowing patients who trust and return to you for their skin health needs.

Commitment to Ongoing Education

You continually seek out learning opportunities to stay updated with the latest techniques and science.

Business Success

Your booming peel business is a reflection of your exemplary abilities in marketing, selling, and patient outcomes.


Trust & Recognition

Earn industry recognition and patient confidence for your exceptional skills and commitment to skin health, positioning you as a leader in the aesthetics' field.

Showcase of Your Success

Distinguish yourself as a Peel Pro with physical and digital displays to showcase your achievement in marketing, across your digital channels and in your practice.

Enhanced Visibility

Secure a prominent listing on the Linder Health Pro Locator tool, boosting your exposure and increasing credibility among potential patients.

Exclusive Opportunities

Monetize your expertise with access to affiliate programs, allowing you to earn commission and product credit for referrals and sales.

Peel Pro Assets

  • Framed & Signed Peel Pro Certificate
  • Physical Peel Pro Award
  • Peel Pro Branded Treatment Fan
  • Peel Pro Window Cling
  • Peel Pro Digital Badge & Marketing Materials
  • Priority Listing on Linder Health Pro Locator Tool
  • Access to Patient Affiliate Program
  • Access to VIP Pro Referral Program

Gain the skills you need to become a Peel Pro with specific Learning Center curriculum designed to keep you up-to-date on the newest science and techniques, help you master marketing strategies to build patient loyalty, and teach you how to unlock new revenue streams.


Exfoliation: The Foundation of Peels

Master the fundamentals of effective peel treatments. Learn how chemical exfoliation is different from other methods, when to choose it, and how it sets the stage for dramatic patient results and on-going maintenance.

Going Deeper: Next-Generation Formulas

Chemical peel innovation has stalled...until now. Dive deeper into the advances in the science of senescence, and learn how to better explain our formulas to your patients to increase bookings, and treat more patients, more often.

Combining Modalities & Chemical Peels

Add a new revenue stream, and improve patient results with the devices you already have in your practice. Learn to combine chemical peels with microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, facials, injectables, light therapy, and more. 

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